Robert V. Stahelin, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Stahelin is an established academic expert with a specialization in biochemistry and biophysics and currently serves as Retter Professor of Pharmacy, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Purdue University. Prior to his appointment at Purdue University, Dr. Stahelin held a number of academic positions including: Co-director, Integrated Biomedical Sciences (IBMS) Graduate Program at University of Notre Dame, Navari Family Scholar and Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Interim Senior Associate Director, Harper Cancer Research Institute, Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend and the University of Notre Dame and Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Indiana University School of Medicine.

Over the course of his academic career, Dr. Stahelin has received a number of professional honors and awards for both his research and teaching including the IUSM Showalter Scholar Award and has mentored more than ten Ph.D. students, five postdocs, several MS students, and more than 20 undergraduates. He has served as a member of a number of organizations such as the American Chemical Society and the American Heart Association Basic Science Council, and currently serves as a member of the Biophysical Society and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He has received and completed 20 research grants/fellowships, is an active speaker and has an extensive review and publication library including authorship of over 100 academic papers. Dr. Stahelin’s interdisciplinary research is focused on biological membranes which have been revealed as signaling and trafficking platforms for processes fundamental to life.

Rex Chin-Wei Yung, M.D., F.C.C.P.
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Rex Chin-Wei Yung is an established academic expert with a specializationin translational research of lung cancer biomarkers and early cancer detection through imaging and bronchoscopy. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine. He serves as a Member of Scientific Advisory Board of Lisen Technology (CN) and has previously served on the executive and editorial boards of the American Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP) and the Journal of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology, he was treasurer and executive board member of the World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WABIP). He has also held leadership positions on various other national and international medical societies (ACCP, APSR).

He currently serves as the Chief Science Officer of ProLung, Inc. and as an adjunct Assistant Professor of Oncology of Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Yung is the co-founder of Achel AI, an artificial intelligence medical analytics company focusing on selection and matching of sponsors of clinical trials with researchers and patients, based in Sweden. Additionally, he has been a key clinical advisor to multiple medical technology device and analytic companies including PneumRx (BTG), Sanovas Inc., Olympus Endoscopy, Uptake Medical, Reframe Health (CN). Previously, Dr. Yung served as the Director of Pulmonary Oncology and Director of Bronchoscopy at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHU), appointed jointly to the departments of medicine and oncology, and remains an adjunct faculty in the Department of Oncology at JHU. Dr. Yung had served as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and as an Instructor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, where he had obtained his fellowship training in pulmonary and critical care medicine. 

Dr. Yung is a Fellow on the American College of Chest Physicians (F.C.C.P.) and a fellow of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology (FAPSR). Dr. Yung graduated from Harvard University with a BA (cum laude) in Biology and received his M.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

Robert G. Petit, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Petit is a well-established C-level executive and innovative inventor/scientist with over 25 years of experience as an immunologist in all medical and scientific aspects of pharmaceutical development with a primary scientific and medical research focus on immunologic based therapies, particularly in immunologic oncology, therapeutic vaccines, medical oncology, supportive care, and anti-infectives. He has led programs in discovery, translational development and intellectual property development and has designed and conducted U.S. and international clinical evaluation programs from Phase 1 to 4. Over the course of his career, Dr. Petit has amassed a broad range of clinical development experience covering multiple disciplines including immuno-oncology, therapeutic vaccines, oncology, anti-inflammatory agents, supportive care (oral and GI mucositis), ophthalmology (glaucoma) and anti-infectives. He has designed, planned, and executed U.S. and global clinical trials and development programs for 13 drugs, 3 immunotherapies, 2 cellular immunotherapies and over a dozen therapeutic vaccine/immunotherapy programs. His experience includes building high functioning research teams and directing emerging private and public companies.

Dr. Petit currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President at Advaxis, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADXS). While serving at Advaxis, Dr. Petit conceived and developed the Advaxis personalized neoantigen program and multiple emerging products for the Advaxis cancer type specific hot-spot mutation immunotherapy programs. Prior to Advaxis, Dr. Petit served at Bristol-Myers Squibb as the U.S. Medical Strategy Lead for the ipilimumab program, Director of Medical Strategy for New Oncology Products, and Director of Global Clinical Research. Prior to joining Bristol-Myers Squibb, he served as Vice President of Clinical Development at MGI Pharma.  

Dr. Petit holds a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University College of Medicine in Immunology and Viral Oncology, with didactic medical training alongside medical students and a Bachelor of Science in Life Science from Indiana State University.